KLA curriculum resources and links by a recently graduated teacher

An interesting website full of resources that are slowly being developing by a recently graduated teacher: http://rebeccalapps.wix.com/missappsclassroom



National Health and Physical Education Day

I thought I would post this now—- even though it is not until the 4th of September.

The aim of National H&PE Day is to promote the importance of health and physical education and highlight its value to the overall learning and development of children and young people.


So get out there, be active and promote an activity that can help set the foundations of a healthy lifestyle for the children of the future!

Closing the Educational Gap

I see closing the gap between Indigenous and Non Indigenous students as an imperative. Indigenous students need the opportunity to attend an environment that nurtures their culture and academic abilities. As teachers we need to start with “the here and now and map backwards” as Professor John Lester so eloquently says. This is important as otherwise all we are doing as teachers is delivering the same content year in year out with no scaffolding- HOW BORING…. (didgeridoos, boomerangs- we have already done it to death why do it again, we already know about the Aborigines)

In changing these perspectives and to promote Aboriginal Education in fun and engaging manner I have come across this website: http://www.crackerjackeducation.com.au/. There really is some¬†great resources¬†here, so continue to share and help in the fight of closing the gap and promoting reconciliation. ūüôā

Read Engage

Aim Engage is a current affairs website dedicated to improving literacy outcomes for Australian  children by providing current, relevant and age-appropriate reading material.

Why Online?  With the  upcoming rollout of the National Broadband Network (NBN) and the imminent  release of the National Curriculum, schools will need resources to meet the  changing literacy needs of Australian children. In particular, the national  curriculum advocates using an increasing variety of multi-modal texts in teaching English reading  skills.

The prevalence¬† of personal computers and the emergence of a generation who can truly be¬† described as ‚Äúdigital natives‚ÄĚ has created a new platform to educate and¬† inspire children.¬†Unfortunately,¬† the vast majority of content available for school aged students on the internet¬† is too complex or hard to find for this group. Engage is a trusted and¬† accessible space on the internet for children to explore.

Content  The site will  be updated frequently with news-style recounts, topical information reports,  entertainment reviews, interviews with people of interest and opinion pieces.



Is it Ethical?

A new introduction to DEC is the teaching of ethics. Most of the topics in the curriculum provide students with the opportunity to develop increasingly sophisticated knowledge and skills in moral reasoning. Children in the younger primary years examine topics such as being left out, sharing and bullying, while older children reflect on issues such as homelessness and child labour to help them consider the feelings and interests of others ‚Äď one important aspect of moral reasoning. Other aspects include understanding consequences, having empathy, appreciating difference, recognising common capacities, recognising and acting on duties and giving equal consideration.