Teachers warn of ‘culture wars’ as Christopher Pyne announces back-to-basics curriculum review

Rather than just focusing on the basics my two-cents see me finding that the curriculum must pay attention to questions and issues that confront the world today, such as climate change, economic issues, refugees, social dislocation among young people, and the challenges of a technology-driven world.

Yes, we want students who are knowledgeable in maths, science, history and English, but we must recognise that some of the most important knowledge will not fall neatly into these disciplines – politics, multiculturalism, water shortages, increasing violence and under-age drinking are vital concerns in students’ lives and they truly need to understand that the world they inhabit is not immutable by any means.

Students need to develop the knowledge and skills to be active and informed citizens who know how to think critically, and how to respond to contemporary issues; a narrowly focused curriculum will not do this.

I conclude on the note that for the National Curriculum and its designers, schooling is no longer about teaching children, imparting knowledge, and equipping young people to draw their own conclusions. Students would not be getting an educational experience that broadens their understanding of the social world to prepare them for adult role relationships in the workplace and wider society.  They would also not be getting the opportunity to shows meritocracy on the basis of ability and effort, as content would just be spoon-fed or taught to the test to encourage better results that would most probably be displayed in arenas such as the my school’s website.



What are your thoughts..?


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