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Really beautiful article of saving students:


School Ditches Rules and Loses Bullies

In a recent attempt to get students to regulate their own behaviour a school has ditched the rules. Take a read here:

What are your thoughts on this..? In my opinion yes children need to learn how to regulate their behaviour although no rules is personally taking it a little too far.

Happy Anniversary: Teaching & Learning in the Primary Classroom

Happy Anniversary Celebrations and Badge!

Today marks the Anniversary of Teaching & Learning in the Primary Classroom. As part of this special occasion, I just wanted to thank all my readers and followers. My blog would not be possible without all the wonderful people who stop by, like or comment! So once again thankyou for being a part of something wonderful that I will hopefully be able to continue! 🙂



Inspire Teach Change

[Teachers need] to work together within their school communities to identify goals, define standards and expectations, review and refine teaching practices and prioritise areas for action and improvement. [Teachers need to] accept responsibility for assessing the impact of their teaching on student outcomes and report on and [need to be] accountable for these outcomes. (DEETYA, 2000, pp 3, 5, 13 cited in Thomas, 2011).

Influential/ Inspiring Quote

There is a need in schools to ensure that curricula and pedagogy are connected to students’ worlds, and to recognise that good relationships between teachers and students… are important for student outcomes, and that this is especially the case for underachieving students. (Mills et al., 2007, pp. 15-16).