National Health and Physical Education Day

I thought I would post this now—- even though it is not until the 4th of September.

The aim of National H&PE Day is to promote the importance of health and physical education and highlight its value to the overall learning and development of children and young people.


So get out there, be active and promote an activity that can help set the foundations of a healthy lifestyle for the children of the future!


Speech Marks why are they important?

A great video for helping teach children about speech marks and to encourage Physical Education Bihemispheric Lateralisation.


Happy Learning and Moving! 🙂

Make learners conform to the room, or make the room conform to the learning? #EdSpace

it's about learning


That’s what a small can of chalkboard paint cost at a hardware store nearby. With several cans of chalkboard paint and a few cans of whiteboard paint, a lower school teacher transformed the learning environment for the student learners coming to her soon.

2013-08-12 09.01.34

Instead of students “getting in trouble” for writing on the desks, Miss F altered the typical “classroom” environment so that desk writing was not only permissible, but encouraged and fun.

For 1st graders. Learning to write and express themselves through writing.

When the student learners gathered in the room for the first time, during a recent orientation day, there was much writing and drawing on desks! They owned their learning environment with those acts of defiance turned and transformed into acts of creativity.

And should the student learners tire of sitting, there are standing-level desks and exercise balls to bounce on while one learns. A far cry…

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Closing the Educational Gap

I see closing the gap between Indigenous and Non Indigenous students as an imperative. Indigenous students need the opportunity to attend an environment that nurtures their culture and academic abilities. As teachers we need to start with “the here and now and map backwards” as Professor John Lester so eloquently says. This is important as otherwise all we are doing as teachers is delivering the same content year in year out with no scaffolding- HOW BORING…. (didgeridoos, boomerangs- we have already done it to death why do it again, we already know about the Aborigines)

In changing these perspectives and to promote Aboriginal Education in fun and engaging manner I have come across this website: There really is some great resources here, so continue to share and help in the fight of closing the gap and promoting reconciliation. 🙂