Read Engage

Aim Engage is a current affairs website dedicated to improving literacy outcomes for Australian  children by providing current, relevant and age-appropriate reading material.

Why Online?  With the  upcoming rollout of the National Broadband Network (NBN) and the imminent  release of the National Curriculum, schools will need resources to meet the  changing literacy needs of Australian children. In particular, the national  curriculum advocates using an increasing variety of multi-modal texts in teaching English reading  skills.

The prevalence  of personal computers and the emergence of a generation who can truly be  described as “digital natives” has created a new platform to educate and  inspire children. Unfortunately,  the vast majority of content available for school aged students on the internet  is too complex or hard to find for this group. Engage is a trusted and  accessible space on the internet for children to explore.

Content  The site will  be updated frequently with news-style recounts, topical information reports,  entertainment reviews, interviews with people of interest and opinion pieces.



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