Warm Fuzzies

I am thinking after the holidays I will try this idea of making warm fuzzies. (http://realmofhome.blogspot.com.au/2011/08/warm-fuzzies.html)

 This is how to make a warm fuzzy.

1. Gather up some materials: pompoms, glue, wiggly eyes, cardstock, foam core shapes, pipe cleaners, and whatever else looks appealing.

2. Cut some feet out of cardstock or foam core.  I wish I could leave a template for the creatively challenged, but I have no idea how that is done.

3. Put a drop of glue on the feet.

4. Stick the fuzzball onto the feet.

5. Dab a little glue onto the back of the wiggly eyes, and then attach them to the pompom.


That’s your basic warm fuzzy, but you can add extras if you like.  Use your imagination.  You can glue them to the front of a note card or add a slip of paper under the feet (the size of a fortune cookie message) with a few kind words (like “I love you,” “Thanks for being my friend,” “You make me smile,” “I admire you,” and “You make me feel all warm and fuzzy.”)  These are designed to be gifts, so make a few to warm the hearts of those you love.

All of the above have eyes, they are just turned every which way!

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