Some Interesting Books for ES1 and S1 students

The Very Ugly Bug

Book by Liz Pichon

There once was a very ugly bug, with spotted legs, googly eyes and a horrible hairy back. She wonders why her friends have pretty small eyes, shiny green backs, or nice fluttery wings. The ugly bug thought that if she looked like her friends, then she would be more beautiful. So she made herself a disguise. But her new costume made her even tastier looking to the birds! When a bird swoops down to gobble up the disguised ugly bug, something strange happens… The big scare made the very ugly bug even uglier! So ugly in fact, that the bird was scared away. The ugly bug learns that just being herself is the best defense. Liz Pichon’s witty text and colorful artwork highlight this story about self-acceptance.

 The Very Cranky Bear

Book by Nick Bland

In the Jingle Jangle Jungle on a cold and rainy day, Four little friends found a perfect place to play. Vibrant illustrations and a fun, engaging story make this book perfect for reading aloud. The original hardback of The Very Cranky Bear was first published in 2008 and has become an international bestseller and IDevice book.



Learn, teach and collaborate using digital resources to support the Australian Curriculum.

Scootle is a website I found earlier in the week and has a great collection of resources for all Stages and KLAs. It builds upon the current DEC TALE website.

Check it out and enjoy! There’s lots to have a play with.