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I just recently stumbled across this site and it is certainly an excellent find:

It is complete with worksheets for most Stages and students’ differing abilities.

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Doggy Doggy Where’s My Bone??- Fun Classroom Management Activity

“Doggy, Doggy, Where’s the Bone?” is a classic children’s participation game. It  is an excellent distraction to use when children start getting bored or there is  a little extra time before the next activity. It can be played with many children or only a few;  although at least 4 are recommended for the sake of making the game interesting.


  • 1-  Select a student to be the Doggy. This person leaves the room momentarily. All other students should be  seated on the ground or in their desks out of sight of the  Doggy.
  • 2- Give a cardboard cut-out of a bone to a selected student.
  • 3- Lead the class in chanting, “Doggy, doggy, where’s your bone? Somebody stole  it from your home. Guess who-maybe you! Maybe the monkeys from the zoo! Wake up  Doggy, find your bone!” The Doggy is then called back in.
  • 4- Instruct the Doggy to guess which student stole the bone. The Doggy has three  chances to correct identify the bone thief. (If there are only a few students  playing, allow the Doggy only one or two guesses.) If the Doggy correctly  guesses who stole the bone, he or she gets to be the Doggy again. If the Doggy  can not guess who stole the bone, then the bone thief gets to be the  Doggy.
  • 5- Continue playing the game until the majority of the students have had the  chance to be the Doggy or the bone  thief.