Gifted and Talented Students

Some children have an actual, or potential, ability to perform at a level that is significantly beyond their peers of the same age. Gifted children often have high levels of innate ability, in any domain of human ability (intellectual, creative, social or physical) that would place them within the top 10% of their age-peers, even if their high potential has not yet been realised.

Some common traits of Gifted and Talented students encompass:

  • learns rapidly and quickly grasps new concepts
  • has an excellent memory
  • is creative or imaginative, e.g. produces many ideas or is highly original
  • is independent – may prefer to work alone
  • has a keen sense of humour
  • may be highly motivated, particularly in self-selected tasks
  • has unusual or advanced interests
  • demonstrates exceptional critical thinking skills or problem-solving ability
  • may have superior leadership and interpersonal skills
  • frequently asks in-depth, probing questions
  • may demonstrate a high degree of social responsibility or moral reasoning
  • possesses a large, advanced vocabulary
  • has superior insight and the ability to draw inferences or is intuitive
  • is an advanced reader either in English or in the home language

Tonight on Prime’s Today Tonight there will be an article about gifted and talented children. I believe this article would certainly be a good source of information for both parents and educators!


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