Diamante and visual poems as effective teaching methods

After reading about diamante poems for K-6 English, I felt inspired to write one of my own:

Interactive, creative,
Engaging, motivating, compelling,
Tomorrow is another day,
Challenging, enriching, exciting,
Active, innovative,

This is certainly a great exercise to get children exploring different writing styles and for them to show their creative sides.

Steps for writing a diamante:

1. The topic

2. Two adjectives for the topic

3. Three action verbs ending in -ing.

4. Four word phrase.

5. Three action verbs ending in -ing.

6. Two adjectives for the topic.

7. Synonym for the topic.

I also love the idea of writing a poem in the shape of the topic. One idea that was mentioned was writing a poem about a tree or an animal. With the tree, the words of the poem actually formed a visual image of the leaves and branches. The example below shows some of the possibilities that are only limited by the child’s imagination.

I hope that you enjoy these inspiring ideas as much as I have!


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