Can Students Benefit From Using Social Media?

Many students love to blog, Facebook, Twitter and skype one another. Some radical educators have come up with the idea that students may actually benefit from using social media.

Through interactive means students are learning a new form of communication and a world where they can form an extensive array of connections.

However, what exactly is it that they are learning? Read on to find out…..

Social media networks are designed for the purpose of communal connections. Today’s students are accessing Facebook, Twitter and even Instagram to connect and share with those around them. One of the most interesting things about social media is that users can interact and engage with each other solely through a Web presence, perhaps never even meeting in person.

(This offers a great advantage in teaching students about another culture and to even act as E-pals).

Whether they are sharing personal pictures, links to other sites or even commenting on someone’s post, students engage, stretching beyond social interaction purposes alone. Students use social media day in and day out to interact with their peers and even teachers about class-related subjects. In a world where online engagement is important for businesses, these students are becoming experts at developing a sense of Internet presence. Not only do they know how to interact with others on the internet, they know how to use basic and even complex functions in order to do so.

(Another great idea in developing self and allowing freedom of expression- this could even be taken a step further to allow the students to create their own blogs about what they have learnt or completed within the course of the day).

As technology advances, so does the way the world works with it. Both teachers and students need to be aware of the changes and utilize it to its fullest potential to reap the benefits.


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