Society’s Perceptions of Teaching

A bit of light humour for this morning.

However; on a more serious note society’s perceptions are always changing:

After reading Connell’s (2007) article on teachers I find it to be an interesting insight into the world of teaching. Connell (2007) writes that teaching is a little understood occupation and that people in other jobs would perceive teaching to be a very easy task, which anyone can do. Society also forms opinions on the teaching occupation due to their own experiences as students. Those with good experiences hold teachers in good light, as professionals. Those with bad experiences often hold teachers as a semi professional or low-level occupation. There is also a widespread belief that teaching must be a soft job because classroom hours are shorter then the average for other occupation. Connell (2007) also argues how society perceives teaching is also due to the way media has presented teachers. These images are not only different but are also opposed. Teachers are represented as upholders of convention and sometimes rebels against it, sometimes authoritarian and brutal and sometimes freethinking agents of others’ freedom.


5 thoughts on “Society’s Perceptions of Teaching

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  2. You’ve made good point here, Katrina. Perceptions are varied and influenced by several factors. But I wonder, what is your perception of teachers and teaching? what do you think has shaped your perceptions? How can we, as teachers, change the perceptions that our students (and their parents) might have of teachers and school when they enter our classroom?
    Something to think about!
    Perception is something everyone deals with throughout their careers. But how you deal with it, can be a reaction or a conscious choice.
    I like what I see here. I’ll be back! 😀

  3. As a future educator, my perception is one that, I have the utmost respect towards teachers due to the amount of work that is done often behind the scenes. I find teachers really do shape other professions, as who is it that actually helps set the foundations of knowledge; learning; and growth apart from parents? I guess my perception is shaped a lot by personal experience and talking to a lot of other educators that go over and above to see the students reap the benefits.

    It certainly is an interesting point, however, I believe though as teachers we can break the perceptions by opening schools up to the community more often by getting parents involved to appreciate the educational journey that their child/ren are on through showcases, work samples, etc.. Another point to consider that was raised by one of my lecturers, is that teachers should be getting out more in the community and actually talking to parents- I loved this idea as the lecturer detailed how it helped establish a rapport between the different cultures; parents; and students. However, there is a lot of negative stigmatism that may unfortunately never be broken due to schooling in the past and media portrayal for some parents- although if we all work together the end goal is certainly not out of reach!

    I totally agree with you that perception is something everyone deals with throughout their careers and as educators we play a very important role in how many of our students will end up perceiving the world.

    Well that’s my thoughts anyway, as a lot of it has to do with Sociology and our interactions with one another. 🙂

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