The First Day of School

I found this by another educator (whated said). Please continue to share and use!

When preparing for my first lesson I used to think…
1. Explain your expectations.
2. Establish rules.
3. Know everyone’s names.
4. Arrange seats to minimalise talking.
5. Organise books.
6. Talk about homework.
7. Tell them what they’ll be learning.
8. Make sure they listen.
9. Get students working right away.
10. Show a firm hand.

Now I think its time to create a learning culture…
1. Ask about their expectations.
2. Create an essential agreement.
3. Know everyone’s story.
4. Arrange learning spaces to encourage collaboration.
5. Demonstrate that you value thinking.
6. Talk about learning.
7. Ensure they know that they own their learning.
8. Make sure you listen.
9. Show you’re a part of the learning community.
10. Laugh…


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