Professional Learning Networks (PLN’s) with reference to PLANE

With the fast paced moving 21st century, for a teacher creating a digital footprint is becoming more critical.

There are many social websites out there such as Twitter, Facebook and Youtube… you get the idea. These personal learning networks allow for an individual to establish a voice online. This voice gives an opportunity to express emotions, experiences (whether it be positive or negative) and ideas to people who have similar interests.

For a personal learning network there are no hindering factors. As long as you have a passion for learning and are willing to share new ideas, that’s all it takes! With changes to the Curriculum, it is becoming more paramount that as educators we band together taking advantage of these networks to work collaboratively together for the better good of the students.

Google is revolutionising the education domain and will change the way that educators respond with Personal learning networks.

Just recently, an interesting PLN that I found is PLANE.

What is PLANE? . . . . and what can it do for you?

PLANE is an acronym for Pathways for Learning, Anywhere, anytime – a Network for Educators. PLANE is an innovative and fun educator community, networking space and virtual world that provides accredited professional online learning, courses and quests, multi-media resources, ICT skills development, an e-portfolio, collaborative tools, game-based-learning peer coaching and other professional learning opportunities. PLANE is online and accessible anywhere anytime. PLANE is managed by a consortium consisting of the NSW Department of Education and Communities, the Catholic Education Commission NSW, the Association of Independent Schools NSW and the Council of Deans of Education NSW together with industry partners Adobe and Microsoft.

This site is certainly an invaluable resource in the quest of building professional portfolios and learning about strategies in working with different KLAs.


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