What is the role of a Teacher…?

The role of a teacher is as important in the 21st century as it has always been. In this exciting, changing world we need to make sure that we not only learn from our past, but also look to the future. Teachers need to be more creative, knowledgeable and adaptable than ever before so that the next generation of students can reach their full potential. Whilst this immense responsibility would weigh on most people, it is the challenge that teachers revel in every day and if they are lucky, they are able to make the difference. During the course of a day the tasks undertaken can often comprise of playground supervision, liaising with parents and planning budgets.  As teachers we must ensure the use of appropriate pedagogies, adopting an approach that is thoughtful, intelligent and engaging for optimal student learning and success. We are role models, carers and facilitators.

Often it can be difficult to define where teaching ends and where something else begins….



What would you say?


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