The Flipped Classroom

A rather interesting teaching method that I discovered yesterday is the implementation of the Flipped Classroom.

You ask what is the flipped Classroom… “the flipped classroom inverts traditional teaching methods, delivering instruction online outside  of class and moving “homework” into the classroom.”

I see the Flipped classroom having many advantages to myself and other educators:

    • Establishes dialogue and idea exchange between students, educators, and subject matter experts regardless of locations.
  • Lectures become homework and class time is used for collaborative student work, experiential exercises, debate, and lab work.


  • Extends access to scarce resources, such as specialized teachers and courses, to more students, allowing them to learn from the best sources and maintain access to challenging curriculum.


  • Enables students to access courses at higher-level institutions, allowing them to progress at their own pace.


  • Prepares students for a future as global citizens. Allows them to meet students and teachers from around the world to experience their culture, language, ideas, and shared experiences.


  • Allows students with multiple learning styles and abilities to learn at their own pace and through traditional models.


The Flipped Classroom


One thought on “The Flipped Classroom

  1. To allow others the opportunity of what technology can offer to further learning for both students and educators is something that needs to be properly addressed and implemented. We are all preparing for what’s ahead especially for the future generation. Social status for one shouldn’t be a hindrance to education. Thanks for sharing your personal insights, Katw.

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