20 Ways to Keep your students’ attention

Any interesting site I came across this morning with tips to engage students’ attention:



Valentine’s Educational Activities!

Valentine’s Day is here! 

I have located a few fun and easy educational Valentine’s activities to do today! Thanks to these inspirational websites click on the links below to go to each project and free printables!

1. Follow Your Heart Maze by Mr. Printables
2. Heart Garland by My Plum Pudding
3. Valentine Hearts-Letter Match Game by Makes and Takes

Great website for learning letter recognition and CVC words: http://www.readingconfetti.com/2014/01/alphabet-treasure-hunt-for-valentines.html

Recent Blog Update

Over the past few days I have noticed a few small bugs with wordpress displaying media stored upon blogs, so I have made a few changes and fixed broken links. I have tried different themes; graphics ; and browser platforms to get the best viewing/reading experience for you my readers.

Let me know what you think and post a comment if there is something that isn’t working the way it use to and I will endeavour to rectify the problem as soon as possible.

Thanks! 🙂

Liebster Award – My Nominations

Earlier I posted about being nominated for a Liebster Award by Denise. Now I’m completing the 2nd part of the requirements.

3. Nominate 10 blogs with 300 followers or less.
4. Give your nominees 10 questions to answer.

I really like this part because it gives me a chance to give a shout out to some fantastic blogs I’ve discovered recently. I have found inspiration, clever ideas, funny stories, and witty writing amongst this list of bloggers. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

The 10 blogs that I have nominated in no particular order are:

Relief Teaching Ideas
Mel the Literacy Coach
Mrs Kilburn’s Kiddos
Planning 2 Learn- A 4th Grade Teacher
Teaching Paws-Itively
A Stylish Teacher

(I apologise if some of these blogs have more than 300 followers! I looked at their pages, but it was hard to determine how many people subscribed to some of them!)

…and the 10 questions I’m asking them:

1) Why did you start your blog?

2) At what point did you decide to become a teacher?

3) What is one of your talents?

4) Did/Do you have a favourite teacher? What were they like?

5) What is your best memory of school? (Can be either past or present)

6) If the sky’s the limit, what would you like to do next?

7) What is a piece of advice you would like to share?

8) If you have some spare time, what do you do?

9) How do you see yourself: planner or spontaneous?

10. By this time, next year, where do you hope to be? What do you want to have accomplished?

I look forward to reading the responses! Please leave a link in the comments so we can easily find them.                        

Liebster Award – A Little Bit About Me

Thank you so much to Denise, from http://reliefteachingideas.wordpress.com/, for nominating me for a Liebster Award!!! A Liebster Award is a blogging award, given by fellow bloggers. It’s a great way to learn more about each other, build community, and help spread the word about lesser known, and up & coming blogs.

I am overwhelmed with gratitude. I’m not sure if you could even classify me as a blogger at times as my page is a little blank when I am busy with University endeavours or volunteering!  However, my blog is a great outlet to share ideas, resources and comments that I have come across in my educational journey to become a teacher.

I’m hoping that this year I’ll be able to spend more time, to add a few more posts.

Back to the award! Reading through Denise’s post, I saw that there are some guidelines to follow.

1. Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog 2. Answer the 10 questions sent to you as part of the nomination. 3. Nominate 10 blogs with 300 followers or less. 4. Give your nominees 10 questions to answer. **5: You can’t nominate the blogger that nominated you! 😉

I’ve covered number one, so straight onto number two…


1. What made you start blogging?
The reason I started the blog was a means of Professional Development, however since its creation I have found interesting tips and articles and it just grew from there.

2. Which do you prefer…. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or other?
Facebook, a
lthough I have found Twitter and Pinterest to have many benefits as a Preservice Teacher.

3. Did you have a favourite teacher? Tell me about them.
It’s so hard to just choose one so I will do an overall statement! What sets my favourites apart from the rest is their caring, empathetic and outward nature.

4. If you could teach any year level, any subject, what would it be?
I know it is not strictly related to the curriculum, however I feel it would be wise to teach students more about morals and everyday life. If the Ethics program that is in DEC pipelines can be introduced I think this would be a great subject to deliver to any year level.

5. What’s your best tip for a new teacher?
Believe in yourself and remember if you are having a bad day leave that at the gate when you go home and start the next as a new one!

6. How did you learn how to blog/set up your own page?
Before embarking on my journey to become a teacher, I dabbled in Information Technology and I was once taught by Australia’s chief Web Design Worldskills Judge 🙂

 7. How often do you post on your blog?
The occasional post here and there when something catches my attention or I find something new and innovative to post about. (Most of my blogging is very time dependent as I am a Preservice teacher)

8. What has been your most popular blog post you’ve ever published?
Hmm.. it is close between two posts however, granted that I looked ahead at the next question I will go with my post on world autism awareness for this one ;): https://katrinawirth.wordpress.com/2013/04/02/world-autism-awareness-month/

9. What is YOUR favourite post you’ve ever written? (Please provide links!)
I think my favourite would have to be: https://katrinawirth.wordpress.com/2013/02/14/societys-perceptions-of-teaching/, as that morning after reading Connell’s (2007) article I thought to myself Educational Sociology is all around us and today’s memes really do highlight these ingrained perceptions that some people still have of teachers.

10. By this time, next year, where do you hope to be? What do you want to have accomplished?
This time next year, I hope to be finishing off the last of my Undergraduate Degree and to continue to have a feeling of accomplishment that I am making a difference in the lives of those that I am helping.

So there you have it! A little bit about me! Later I’ll post the 10 blogs that I’ve nominated & the questions I’d like them to answer.

Thanks again to Denise for the nomination!